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Food photography has become super important to ensure your content on social media is capable of catching the eye of your current or potential audience.

Creative lighting, flattering framing and the right camera equipment is super important to ensuring these images appear striking to the eye.

working with:

Hurley Hotel Group
- Marion Hotel
- Arkaba Hotel
- Tonsley Hotel
- Torrens Arms
- The Kensi
- Pretoria Hotel (Mannum)
- Hotel Royal

Port Adelaide Football Club

Spice Girlz Gourmet

With a focus on documentary style event photography, my aim is to really capture the feeling and the atmosphere of an event rather than trying to manufacture something through the photos. Food and beverage events, live music, festivals and more.

working with:

Hurley Hotel Group
Marion Hotel
Pretoria Hotel
Arkaba Hotel (Live music + Drinks Events)
Kensi Hotel

Shapeshifter Brewing Shot In The Dark


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